Weymouth dog walking

Dog Walking

Dogs need exercise. While you're plugging away 8 hours at the office your dog is staring at the window waiting anxiously for you to come home so he can burn off all of that pent up energy.   Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a more relaxed, better behaved, pooch?   We can help make that happen with our team of dog walkers who will love your dog (almost) as much as you do.   We also offer basic training so that your pup won't be the crazy one in the dog park anymore!

Since we know that puppies need more frequent walks to solidify outdoor toliet training, we offer special rates for those shorter visits.

Dog Walking Rates

15 minute walk (puppies only)$10.00
15 minute walk x2 (puppies only)$17.50
30 minute walk$15.00
30 minute walk x2$25.00

Evening walks (after 5 pm) and weekend walks have an additional charge of $3 per visit.

Ask us about discounts for our frequent customers!

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