About Us

Jeremy Frazier, Owner and Principal Photographer of South Shore Pet Services, has been an animal lover since he was young.   Growing up he had two (very) mixed-breed dogs and two cats. Jeremy feels that all animals should be treated with respect and showered with love because of all the joy that they bring to our lives.

As part of honoring their place in the family, Jeremy enjoys photographing their furry faces.   He studied photography at the New England School of Photography and uses these skills to capture their unique personalities.   He has also worked as a dog walker and as an animal care technician at an animal shelter.

Jeremy lives in Weymouth with his wife and their crazy cat Elise.   Elise was born in France and lived with Jeremy while he was studying at the University of Rennes.   She traveled back to the US via airplane in 2004 and considers herself to be an American although it is clear that she understands neither French nor English.

Our Team

We are grateful to our wonderful clients for making us a success, but we would also like to thank our team of professionals for their services:

Noel FisherGraphic Design
Amy BlouinLegal Counsel
Brandon ReinhartWebmaster

Proudly serving Weymouth, Quincy, Milton & Braintree.

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